Zen Vid

Occasionally I run across some video out on the web which peaks an interest that seems to draw a line back towards my indie development efforts. They may be directly related to some technical topic or more often than not totally off the beaten path. I’m going to link to a few of them here in the hopes that they spark something in you. May they help to provide a guiding light down the path to Indiedom.

First, Bruce F’n Lee!! Bruce comes off as very inward focused and zen-like. Inspiration for being flexible as an indie developer. Be water my friend.

All of us have Genius. Don’t be afraid to find and expose yours. Sometimes its hard to let your creation show for fear of “feedback”. Push on through and let your creativity shine.

Avoid the inevitable doldrums that follow the high you feel after coming up with a new idea. Stop dreaming and start doing.

Classic guerrilla marketing techniques from the godfather of the delicious generation.

Very cool and inspirational animated talk about the underpinnings behind what motivates us. Good to keep in mind when you find yourself lacking motivation.

Just a few videos that I’ve found inspirational and I hope you like them too. This is my last blog post for iDevBlogADay for a while. I’ll be falling back to the end of the rotation and the next dev with great stuff to write will be filling this slot the next time around. However, I hope that you subscribe to the RSS feed and hang around since I’ll still be posting about an awesome new project that I’m just starting.

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